Pennsylvania – Elder Abuse Resources

Pennsylvania Seal, Nursing Home Abuse Laws

Where To Report Elder Neglect And Abuse In Pennsylvania – Helplines, Hotlines, and Referral Sources

Pennsylvania Seal, Nursing Home Abuse LawsTo report suspected elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation in Pennsylvania call 1-800-490-8505 for help.  If the abuse involves serious injury, sexual abuse or suspicious death, reporters must also call police and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging at 717-265-7887.  In addition, the reporter may also call the Pennsylvania Department of Health Nursing Home Complaint Line at 1-800-254-5164.

State Government Agencies

The following government agencies can field complaints of elder abuse and neglect as well as offer additional information, support, and resources:

Laws and Regulations

The following law protects the safety and rights of senior citizens in Pennsylvania:

Other Resources

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