Nursing Home Fines Eclipse $100M

Chart Showing Nursing Home Fines State by State

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Today, Brian Lee, Executive Director of Families for Better Care, called the latest data on nursing home fines “spectacularly dreadful” after the advocacy group discovered that thousands of monetary penalties—imposed for poor nursing home care—exceeded $100 million over the past three years.

Nursing Home Fines “That staggering $100 million figure in nursing home fines portrays a marketplace that is chronically failing to protect the welfare of elderly consumers,” Lee explained.

Data on nursing home fines is collected and published by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the website Nursing Home Compare.

According to the federal data, all but two states (South Dakota and Wyoming) levied nursing home fines. States with the largest amount of fines included Kentucky ($11,161,186), Texas ($9,246,619), and Florida ($8,147,595).

Chart Showing Nursing Home Fines State by State

With as much as 80 percent of nursing home funding coming from taxpayer-subsidized reimbursements, the group recommends that nursing homes should invest precious taxpayer dollars into hiring enough direct care staff to safely care for residents.

“The ongoing cycle of nursing home managers writing checks for hefty fines year after year is not fixing the underlying problem of grossly inadequate nursing home care,” Lee stated. “Hiring enough employees will make care safer for our loved ones, reduce fines, and improve the reputation of providers.”

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