78-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Woman Abused In PA Nursing Home

Video of Alzheimer's Patient Being Abused

Pennsylvania Nursing Home Under Scrutiny For Alleged Elder Abuse

Video of Alzheimer's Patient Being AbusedVideo Description: A family’s suspicions about a loved one’s abuse at a nursing home appear to have been confirmed by a hidden camera.  Posted May 2011, by CNN.

78-year-old Louis McAllister told her daughter, Mary, she was being abused by nursing home workers.  She claimed her arms were being pulled and she was being punched.  When Mary addressed her mother’s concerns with the nursing home’s management she was told her mother’s mental capacity had diminished and she was confused and was not a credible witness.

Mary and her husband were unsatisfied with the answers they got from the facility and they placed a video camera in her mother’s room and found that the allegations were true.

As a result of abuse caught on video, three workers were fired and were charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, neglect of a dependent person, harassment, and reckless endangerment.

The company that runs the facility, Sunrise Senior Living Center, released a statement that they take concerns about abuse seriously.

The McAllisters filed a civil lawsuit against the company.

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